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about MARIE


I am an acrylic artist who resides in McDonough Ga with my husband who’s my partner and supporter who frames and constructs my art pieces using local untreated or reclaimed wood.

My art is colorful with a whimsical flare and I tend to gravity to floral designs. My arrangements are picked from my small garden blooms or local floral growers and farmers markets.

I started my art journey later in life after many changes had come my way. I remember when I was young, always watching other artist and wishing I could paint too but held this belief you had to be extremely gifted and didn't realize that a lot of it was a learned skill. 


Well, I stopped wishing. The turning point for me was taking a simple class in décor painting and then local classes with local artist. When I sold my first piece I thought, this is what I’ve wanted to do my whole life but was too scared and I’m finally I doing it.


In 2017 after a long hiatus, I started painting again but not daily. My art was not consistent, but I noticed it was helping with my health. So, it was becoming my art therapy. I started taking more focused classes to grow and discover my style. I also learned during this time the importance of daily painting. I love the idea of creating good habits of daily painting and knowing that who I am today will not be who I am next month or next year as an artist and I cannot wait to see how my art will evolve. 

I'm blessed to have a home studio set up above my  garage with lots of light with my rescue dog Dakota watching over me. On a side note, I've fallen in love with raising backyard chickens from baby chicks. And they love me back by saying hi each morning with a squawk and a breakfast egg. From there grew my "crazy chicken" art.

I believe it’s never too late to pursue what you love, have fun, enjoy it and share it with others. If you’re watching others do something you wish you could, stop wishing, do it and enter the world of painting! or whatever you’ve been dreaming of. 

I paint because God has instilled in me desires and passions to pursue it. We’re so uniquely made to be able to create beautiful things. All things I have are from the God and creator above and I hope and pray I never forget or take that lightly and always give Him thanks for it all.

I hope you’ll decide to take a piece of my work home with you and also to explore what may be hiding inside of you. To purchase my art, you may  shop here.

God Bless.​



© 2020. The images on this website are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission from Marie Wheeler.

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